How to Maintain Accountability in Social Media

Originally published on Music Meets Social.

Hello, hello! Today is about social media accountability, which I believe will be a helpful topic. I've seen so many (great) articles about efficiently utilizing time with social media. However, these posts can only be so helpful if you're already maintaining a solid schedule. Not a "really great for two weeks then absent for three" schedule. (Been there!) A "really great every week because Buzzfeed can't stop me from getting my work done" schedule. (Getting there! We're all growing and developing as social media connoisseurs.) I've been guilty of the above pattern, but there are a few measures I've put in place to help me stay on top of social media for my organization.


1. Set up other administrators.

If they check up on you, even better. But ultimately, knowing someone else will be receiving notifications regarding posts and analytics can keep you going. If they do check in, even occasionally, that adds an extra level of accountability.

Because in many companies there is only one person working on social media, it can be easy to cast some schedules and ideas aside and create slacker habits. This method worked well for me, because even though I knew my superior was busy, he had the ability at any time to see what posts I had scheduled and receive notifications. No notifications for a few days is a very telling sign!

2. Schedule specific time each day or week.

Buffer has great articles on utilizing time efficiently (seriously, follow them on Twitter), but you can only implement these to their fullest extent when you have at least a basic plan in place. To grow and succeed, try setting aside a time you can make each week. (Keep in mind, though, that you'll need time spread throughout the rest of the week to respond to fans, manage complaints, etc.)

Are you most productive in the mornings? Or do you have meetings all day and can only make 3 pm work? Whenever that time is, pencil it in. No, Sharpie it in magenta so you can't miss it. Set three reminders with annoying alarms on your phone. Find out what works for you, and stick with it. Will it need to evolve over time? Probably, because life happens. If something unforeseeable happens, try to reschedule your time. And ultimately, remember that we can't control everything, and beating yourself up won't help. Evaluate, learn, and move on.

3. Download and send reports.

Bear with me. I know time is scarce, but this can be valuable in two ways. First, you'll be looking at growth and trends via analytics, and adjusting accordingly. Second, you'll be sending it to your boss, coworker, or team. Even if they don't spend time looking through the numbers, or even open it, if you're going to put the effort into making the report, take the extra 30 seconds to send it on to add another layer of accountability.

Seeing the analytics trend on your content helps you learn the best times to post, who's looking at it, and more. Even if you don't have someone to send the report to, think of it as a "progress report on yourself". I mean, never turn down an opportunity to reward yourself, right? :)

Are there any pointers I'm missing? What helps keep you on the social media straight and narrow?