ICYMI: Last Week on Twitter, Vol. 1

Originally published on Music Meets Social.

Welcome to a new feature! Twitter is currently the frontrunner in my social media usage, and I love finding articles to share. I know not everyone has the time to scroll through and read every amazing-looking article in their feed (if only!), so here’s a roundup of what I tweeted about. (These are the top tweets on both the Music Meets Social account and my personal account.) (This actually has some from longer than a week ago, as this is the first installment and they’re solid pieces I want to share again.)

icymi vol 1

General business:

What It's Like to Spend a Month at Y Combinator (A cool inside looks at the process.)

When "Good Enough" Is Good Enough (Love this; it’s so easy to keep going long after we’ve stopped making real progress.)

Why Startups Fail, According to Their Founders (Really interesting view on this.)

The techy side:

An In-Depth Guide to Google SSL Security & SEO (Definitely in-depth, but valuable.)

Quick SEO Wins: 31 Ideas From The Experts (Solid points)


6 Steps to Perfecting Minimalism in Web Design (I’m a minimalist so this definitely made me a little too happy.)

An Argument for Transparent Pricing in Web Design (An interesting take on a process that’s becoming more popular.)


The Prepared Writer’s Process for Creating Excellent Content Every Day (Great advice)


Developing a Better YouTube Strategy: Where To Devote Your Video Resources (Because video is the new photo.)

13 Actionable Ecommerce Marketing Tactics and Apps to Drive Sales (Ecommerce keeps growing!)

What have you found on the interwebz this week? I’d love to see!