ICYMI: Last Week on Twitter, Vol. 2

Originally published on Music Meets Social.

icymi last week on twitter

Welcome to Volume 2 of ICYMI! I started this to share all the fun articles I come across online (that either I tweet or I see in my feed), and I'd love for you to play along in the comments!

Previous posts:

Vol. 1

General business:

Staying productive while working remotely - loved these tips!

Don't be afraid to play the "I don't know" card - I'd add with caution, but still a great post

Accountability to accomplish more - definitely valuable for us freelancers!

Say no to productivity apps - one of my favorites!

Balancing planning & building in a startup - really informative

The value of customer onboarding - strong points


Personal branding for introverts - *raises hand*

Social media:

How to create & present social media reports - Buffer does it again! Really helpful post I'm keeping tucked away!


Blogging and the bottom line - helpful infographic

Focus on the content first, not last - a wholehearted "Yes!" from yours truly

The techy side:

Retinafying your website, the right way - some of this went over my head, but great principles!


Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.” - Michael Hyatt

Improving engagement on Google+ - I'll admit, G+ is still a bit of a mystery to me


Why designers need a multidisciplinary approach - I would argue this is needed in any media related field

What have you found this week?