Why Does the New Twitter Retweet Matter?

Originally published on Music Meets Social.


Twitter recently unveiled an improved way to retweet, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s rejoicing.  No longer will we need to choose a less powerful but shorter word while retweeting content! It’s important to note, though, that it’s currently only available in-browser and for iOS.

Side note: I know I said my next post would be some thoughts on best practices, but when the social media game changes, I want to help spread the word! The best practices post is coming.:)

I’ve often wanted to add a more comprehensive thought to a retweet, but couldn’t. (Ha, 140 characters is now considered comprehensive.) This is because often tweets with substantial content are already pushing the character limit. Enter the new Twitter retweet.

twitter new retweet

Instead of one block of text, retweets are now separated from your text.

What does this mean?

  • No more agonizing over whether 2 resort 2 intrnt shrthnd or nt. (Whew. That was hard. I’m out of practice now that I’m not 15.)
  • Meanings have a higher chance of staying intact. Now you won’t be as tempted to take words out to keep the tweet short.
  • It’s easier to read and distinguish the retweeter’s comments and the original content. Some users comment first with the article second. Others put article first and content second. Because of this, it takes longer to differentiate the comment with the content. This follows the “chunking” rule of internet writing and the spacing rules of design, giving the brain an assist at comprehending the tweet.

How to use it

At first, it looks like nothing has changed.

twitter quote tweet

In the app, tap on the retweet symbol, and tap “Quote Tweet”. It will take you to a new version of the compose screen, but OMG you have 140 characters! Write your brilliant response, then tweet it out to your followers. So easy!

twitter new retweet

Is the browser version more your thing? Also easy! Click the retweet symbol, and a pop up of sorts will appear. There is an area for your message, with the tweet below.

twitter browser new retweet

Easy as that!

Are you as excited for this as I am?

How will you be using this is your Twitter experience?