Social Media Scheduling for Freelancers

Originally published on Music Meets Social.

Hello hello! I have a unique post for you today! Recently, the co-founder of HeyOrca reached out with an offer to try their social media scheduling platform. Intrigued, I said yes. In a nutshell, I really like their service!

Note: I was compensated with free access to their top-tier account option in return for feedback and this post. All text and opinions (as always), are my own!

The Story

HeyOrca began with a Joe, a freelancer, trying to efficiently schedule social media for his clients, and wasn’t able to find something that worked just right. In January of 2015, Joe and his business partner launched the first iteration in an attempt to help other freelancers.

And that’s what they’ve done!

The Breakdown

Because HeyOrca is built for freelancers, it’s easy to switch between clients. Within each client’s portion of your account, there are campaigns. Each campaign has the option for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. (You can use one or all, depending on your needs.) Then, the client gives feedback and approval for posts, all within the dashboard. They even took into account a client not wanting to set up an account, so there’s the option to email them with a link, instead.

Depending on your account level (free, freelancer, agency, or enterprise), you can add members with varying levels of access. Think Facebook page admin roles.


For a new(er) tool, there are already some great features, and the team has more in the works.

  • Accounts for timezones (incredibly helpful as many clients aren’t in the same timezone!)
  • Customizable interface
  • Different roles with varying levels of access for teams
  • Solid user interface ( like with any tool there’s a learning curve, but it’s not steep)
  • Media library for easy reference back to the images you’ve used
    • Currently only for the Agency plan
    • Can upload from DropBox or your computer, and there are plans for Google Drive
    • There’s a record of revisions for quick reference
    • Can custom schedule posts, or can create a template when creating the campaign
    • Can view posts together or filter by network
    • Clients can bulk approve posts
    • Can bulk copy posts (a big time saver)

How it works

They’ve put together a great little video demonstrating HeyOrca’s features, but I’ll also get into the details below.


When you first visit their site, you can log in via any of their supported networks (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn).

heyorca homepage

Once you’re all set up, you’ll see your current campaigns, and the drop down menu shows all current and former campaigns.

On the bottom right of the toolbar you’ll see the same approve/reject icons as are next to each post. This is where you can bulk approve/deny posts, and the drop down menu beside it gives some filtering options.

heyorca dashboard
heyorca compose

(One of my favorite features is that you can see exactly what the post will look like within each network.)

Within the compose box, there are options for adding images, shortening links (using, and deleting the post.

heyorca compose closeup

Under “Settings” (hover your cursor over your name in the upper right hand side of the screen), you can change notifications, personal information, and your profile image.

heyorca settings

Each client has a settings page as well, where you can add networks, team members, set timezones, and change the name or headline for each.

heyorca client settings
heyorca client settings


  • You see exactly how the post will look, depending on the outlet
  • HeyOrca saw a need to fill, and they’ve done a solid job of filling it. I didn’t think they were as new as they are until I spoke with them, which speaks to their professionalism and overall brand.
  • Though they don’t have analytics yet, they know it’s important and are working on implementing it. Again, I’m impressed with their knowledge of the field and their competition.


  • The URL shortener kicks in once you click outside the compose box. Don’t get me wrong, It's not hard to click out of and click back in the box, but it is a little rough when working with Twitter and limited character space. (I’ve gotten slightly spoiled by using Buffer for my personal Twitter...)
  • The learning curve: I would rate it as less of a curve than Hootsuite, but more than Buffer or Tweetdeck.
  • As someone who really appreciates the suggested content that Buffer offers when curating content, that’s something I miss here.

All in all I really believe HeyOrca has accomplished their goal of creating a smoother workflow for freelancers. There often aren’t enough hours in the day to cross everything off your list, and HeyOrca can help you minimize time and maximize communication!

Would I recommend? Yes. Definitely. Even though there are some caveats like I mentioned above, it’s a strong tool, it’s bound to get stronger, and what may not quite work for me can be a great fit for you.