How to Curate Content and Save Time with Zapier and Pocket

If you’ve spent even a week managing a social media presence, you know that content is king, and finding said content can be a serious time commitment. Even if you’re balancing curated content with your own blog posts, images, and promotions, you still need a significant amount of content.

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The good news: there is always new content being shared.

The bad news: it’s not always good, and it can be hard to keep track of it. 

Never fear, my friends. There are some great productivity apps that can help you organize your curated content so scheduling becomes relatively painless.

Productivity Apps for Curating Content

We all know by now how much I love Buffer, but this takes us to before I’m scheduling these posts within Buffer. I’ve created a workflow with two productivity apps that are minimal yet efficient: Zapier and Pocket.

Zapier, the Productivity Guru

Zapier works by using “zaps” to minimize the steps you take to complete a task. These zaps range from connecting Mailchimp and Google Sheets, creating Trello cards from Gmail emails, and more. 

And one of those completely changed how I save content, and that’s their Twitter and Pocket zap.

Pocket, the Cloud-Based Organizational Master

Pocket is essentially a web-based bookmark app. Instead of bookmarks being housed within your browser toolbar, they’re now cloud-based and you can access from other computers and smartphones with the companion app.

Now to Curate the Content

When I see a tweet I think I may want to revisit for content purposes, I favorite it. It’s then automatically added to my Pocket queue. When it comes time to curate content for the week, month, whatever, I go into Pocket and find these articles.

I'll copy and paste the link into Buffer, it will grab one of the images from the post, I'll write whatever copy I think will work with the content, then add it to my queue.

Pro tip: I’ve started tagging these posts in Pocket with “twitter” so I can easily get all relevant articles. (I also use Pocket as general bookmarking, so the organization is needed.)

See? Relatively painless! It's not often you truly have the time to dig into the constant stream of content, so if you keep track of it when you find it, you won't have to google phrases to try to find it again.

(And honestly, I kind of forget about it until I start looking for content. Then I remember and thank my past self for setting this up. You’ll thank yourself, too.)

Now, A (Minor) Downside

This zap doesn’t discriminate, so it saves all the favorites, whether it’s favoriting a friend’s tweet or an actual article you want to save. For me, it’s worth it, and it’s easy to go into Pocket and delete them.


There is the time to set this up, but it's worth it. The 10 minutes to set up my account and the Zap is definitely worth it when I need to look for content but don't quite know where to begin. 

Have you used either Zapier or Pocket? 

How else do you use these apps to boost your productivity?