Marketers, Your Education is Never Finished

Marketing today is a whirlwind of buzzwords: social media, inbound marketing, content marketing, PPC…  you get the gist. And what usually happens when you feel like you’ve figured something out? It changes again. This is why staying on top of your own marketing education is so crucial.

Why You Need to Keep Learning About Marketing

If you aren't seeking out new ways to help your company and your client, then you're hurting yourself in the long run. I'm guilty of this too at times! It’s so easy to get stuck in the same routine using the tried-and-true techniques, but what happens when those tricks aren’t working so well?


How to Keep Up With Marketing Changes

There are two primary ways to go about this: structured and unstructured. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a conscious decision, and you can move back and forth.

By setting a time each week or each day to scroll through social media to see if there are changes to best practices, algorithms, or anything else, you’ll make sure that it’s happening regularly and you’ll have time to digest the information.

If you choose to go more of the unstructured route, which is how I generally work, I’ll do it when I have a break in work, waiting for my computer to start up (that struggle is so very real right now), or when waiting in line for something. 

It means I may not be specifically looking for changes, but if there’s a particularly big change or an article I want to read more, I’ll save it and set aside time to learn more.

Where to Find the Marketing Developments

There are a number of places I keep an eye on for these types of changes, and I’d love to hear your favorites!

Twitter: Those that I follow share the latest developments, so some times it’s as easy as checking my feed. I’ve also created lists for specific segments of accounts I follow, so I can go in there, as well.

The companies themselves: By following Twitter on Twitter, I see their news releases, updates, etc. Because these are first-hand sources, it’s a good place to start. But then I seek out some other marketers’ posts on the change, as they’ll typically have insights on how it applies specifically for marketers.

News sites: If the change is big enough, or will effect enough people, news sites will pick it up, and I’ll usually see through random scrolling through their site or through their posts on social media. Sites like Entrepreneur, Inc, Mashable, Hubspot, and even Buzzfeed all typically release their thoughts on changes, if it applies to their target audience.


The excuse of "I didn't see that" or "I didn't have time" doesn't work anymore. Do I try those on myself sometimes? Sure, but we need to realize that we have the tools to find this new information out, and we also owe it to our clients to be on top of changes and what it means for their unique situations. Every client is different, but we need to make sure we're analyzing new trends to see how and if it can help.