It all started with a nerdy, emo teenager...

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... And continued with two moves

in two and a half years.


In high school I wanted to go into the music industry. The specific job varied, but I knew that's where my creative self wanted to go.

Fast forward a few years, and I graduated with a degree in Broadcasting & Digital Media and moved to Nashville, TN. 

I had no idea that a few short years later I would leave Nashville for Irvine, CA and love my career, even if it didn't involve working in the industry. (Even though I enjoyed my short time in artist management.)

Looking back, I can see how every task, every event, and every day spent moving beyond my comfort zone has brought me to today.

Nothing fancy, just hard work, making the right connections, and focusing on the step in front of me.

I've worked with incredible people, who have all helped me become who I am today. (And who I hope to become.)

This is one of my favorite pieces of being a creative: the community exists wherever you are, you just need to find it. And once you do, you'll find a creative home.

Through this, I've found my joy for helping other creatives achieve their goals. It could be starting a big idea or bringing on a few new clients; everyone's goals are different.

But the common thread is trusting your instinct and putting in the work.


- Hannah